No Contract is Better Contract

If we can deliver the Best Solutions, Services and Support to our customers, we don't need contract between us.
When MyanNet team is working is our customers and team members, we try not to Contract with our team members as well as our customers unless they requested to make a contract.

Why No Contract...?

Answer is simple.
We don't want to lock our customers with us by contracting "XX number of months/years". So that, our customers have the right to leave MyanNet anytime if they are unhappy with our Solutions, Services and Support.

At the same time, No Contract makes our team members more challenging to support our customers and projects with better Services and Solutions every months.

There is only one relation among our team members, MyanNet and our customers, TRUST.

However it is only applicable for non-corporate projects and non-corporate customers because their organizational structure is complicated than private companies and SMEs.

This article is coming out from a thought after preparing a contract for our first corporate customer in Myanmar.

How do you think....? :)
How is your contract with your current employer or your last project with a customer...?

Happy Weekend a head to you all.... <3

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